Top SEO Tools in 2023

Let’s face facts: Using audit tools for search engine optimization has become crucial. 

Google’s algorithm is becoming more complex, as you may have already noticed. Google’s algorithm is not limited to keywords. Google uses more than 200 factors in its current ranking.  But that’s not all. Google updates its search algorithm over 3,000 times each year, it turns out. This equates to approximately nine changes per day. You want to rank high in search results, but you aren’t ready to spend on a paid tool yet. We’ve got you covered. This post will be about the top free SEO tools available. 

We have selected a mix of SEO tools to help with search engine optimization. These include both free and paid solutions. 

Let’s get started! 

Top Seo Tools In 2023

Google Analytics/Tag Manager:

Google Analytics is essential for reporting purposes. It provides historical and current data about the audience. Google Analytics will allow you to filter and segment the data into more specific metrics and store all the tags in one place for simple organization for setting goals and events. Track every click of Click-to Call Button. 


Ahrefs is the largest website crawlers and the most recommended online SEO tool, only next to Google. It highlights the areas of improvement in your website to rank better during a search. Find your competitors backlinks using competitor analysis, identify the top-ranking links, fix broken links, and get a website overview for next steps. 

Most favorite tools of Ahrefs are SEO audit, rank tracking, content research, competitor research and keyword research. Identify quick link opportunities while comparing our link with the competitors to enhance them. 

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console offers the most accurate organic search data than Google Analytics. Google Analytics doesn’t provide true keyword data. The majority of traffic data related to keywords filters into the “not setup” bucket whereas Search Console allows you to view businesses’ organic keyword data. Explore which keywords pages rank for, as well as how they perform in terms of clicks and impressions, CTR and average position. Search Console can be used to submit sitemap, monitor index status, detect site errors and use the new enhancements like mobile usability and page speed. 


Want to analyze competitors’ metrics? SEMrush has a comprehensive toolset for delivering a detailed keyword analysis report of any domain. SEMrush tool kit helps to compare each webpage with your competitor and do the link building. 


Yoast has two functions. It offers a WordPress tool that LSEO recommends for everyone using WordPress. Additionally, it also provides an audit/review tool to take a deeper look at websites. Yoast makes it easy to create and maintain sitemaps and edit robots.txt files. 

Technical SEO

Screaming Frog: 

 The Screaming Frog crawls through the entire website and creates an inventory of all internal pages. It tracks the crawl level, outbound and internal links per-page, keyword elements such as title and description, their lengths, and HTTP status codes. Loaded with many powerful features, yet simple to use. 

Deep Crawl: 

Deep Crawl crawls the website to the maximum and gives accurate information on a wide range of topics and categorizes the information using indexation, universal content validation, and site explorer. This tool is a great way to track technical issues hindering the website’s performance in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). 

Woo rank: 

It is free for website marketers and publishers to evaluate SEO-friendliness of websites. It automatically evaluates websites using 50 criteria and offers useful SEO tips.  

Backlink monitoring and Analysis Tools:


Digital marketers use it as a tool for link research. Ahrefs is a well-known tool for SEO analysis and backlinks. It currently stands out among the crowd of similar services due to its large index, large index, and speedy index updates. 

Open Site Explorer: 

Open Site Explorer was developed by It is an optimization tool that can also be used as a search engine to find links and track all links that lead to the website. It displays stats like the overall link count and the number of domains linking to a URL. Anchor text distribution is also included. 


Majestic’s Backlink Checker tools, which claim to be the planet’s largest Link Index Database, are deemed world Class. They are based on the most complete backlink data crawled from around the globe. 

SE Ranking:  

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO management tool. It can be used to audit websites and check for technical issues. Keyword research is done to find similar search queries and direct keyword matches. Backlink profiles are managed and ideas are given about where to get backlinks. You can also spy on your competitors. The best part of SE Ranking is the Rank Tracker. It can track keywords from any location and has high accuracy. 

Wrapping Up:

You need to go beyond basic SEO techniques if you want to increase your site’s organic traffic. Look beyond the basics to find opportunities your competitors are not taking advantage. Implement a strategy and see if it works. Optimize your SEO. 

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