How Does Content Delivery Network (CDN) Help SEO

There are a lot of thoughts and talks on content delivery networks (CDN) and SEO in means of traffic and search results. Among those, the most curious and the worst nightmare for digital marketers is can CDN affect SEO? Well, before diving into the conclusion, let’s get to know what CDN is and how it works in SEO and user experience.   

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)  

A CDN is an external server referred to as POPs (point of presence) beside your web server, which hosts your website files such as images, videos, software, JavaScript CSS files, and more. CDN delivers web pages depending on where the user is based (location). CDN will deliver your website content faster if you are in Texas and your user is accessing your website in Texas compared to other users based in France. So, there will be a longer loading time for the user accessing the content further away compared with the CDN geographical location users.  

However, CDN does not entirely host your whole website but just helps in caching website components as mentioned above to accelerate the loading speed to provide a better user experience.

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Why do we need Content Delivery Network   

Businesses are increasingly moving to the internet to showcase their offering to a wide range of audiences. The quality of the business is deepened in the search engines by the quantity of the business. As per the industry research, the sales range of the company, the number of customers the business reaches, and brand awareness are directly involved with the depth of the content on the website.   

Since search engines have become the doorway for online businesses to reach their customers, visibility is the key objective for widespread businesses to make available for the customers. Getting to the top of the search results is not a single-day goal to achieve. There are several factors that search algorithms take into account. The one important factor that dominates the search results is page speed.   

Customers nowadays expect rapid answers from search engines that they are looking for, especially mobile traffic exceedingly desktop traffic. Hence the website loading speed is an important factor in the high ranking along with a delightful user experience. The most challenging part for the webmaster is developing a website that is free to load faster and the elements to provide a visual treat.   

This is where CDNs play in. You can increase the website loading speed even with your bunch of user experience elements, especially for websites with millions of videos and CDN images SEO like news organizations. Obviously, without having CDN, you could eliminate this challenge by installing load balances on the server and redesigning the infrastructure and database, or else pretty simple to choose the reliable and high-speed hosting services.  

Does CDN SEO Impact Real? 

Back to the question about the CDN, what is the CDN SEO impact? Does CDN affect SEO? Well, the answer the quite straight. CDN in SEO takes care of the website loading speed and delivers the large files; however, the amount of traffic your site causes will be limited to HTML and certain other factors only. This will make every page on your website extremely small from loading speed and traffic.  

Literally, CDN SEO impact is positive towards page speed, and most importantly, it’s the only major advantage of CDN for SEO you’ll get. Though increasing the page speed for video files is a good idea, Google doesn’t index them unless they live on YouTube. Besides, some of the significant advantages of CDN in SEO are

  • Image optimization  
  • Faster loading speed  
  • Security
  • Scalability  
  • Session optimization  
  • Reducing latency

Moreover, other features in CDN will improve SEO by caching canonical headers and algorithms; CDN in SEO helps to combat the duplicate content issue, which results in optimizing Search engine optimization of the website. Other factors in CDN SEO impact are it helps mitigate the risk such as website crashes and DDoS attacks, which keep down the website during traffic peaks.   

How Badly CDN Affect SEO 

Even though there’s a positive CDN SEO impact, it’s imperative to know the disadvantages of implementing it. There are a lot of blogs and articles discussing page speed; it’s actually an excellent strategy for SEO. Still, there are some to consider, SEO images. In SEO, using unique images turned out to be a robust strategy for search engine optimization.   

If your website is one of the top-ranking sites in search engines, then you couldn’t need to care about hosting CDN images. If you’re not, then you should be concerned about image optimization. It’s simply like you’re letting search engines like Google know that your images are located somewhere. If you host your CDN images SEO throughout another server and give away the Google trust to another URL. So, from a Google point of view, the image physically lies somewhere else and is not a part of your website. SEO-optimized file names and ALT tags are all that would be in vain if you use CDN in SEO image optimization. 

Bottom Line 

Partially CDN SEO impacts the traffic results. There’ll be a question in your mind, should you use a CDN? CDN will benefit any business with websites and mobile applications that many users access simultaneously. Furthermore, CDNs are useful especially for websites with a lot of content and varying content types and complex websites with users with multiple geographical locations. On the other hand, while implementing CDN, it’s important to keep in mind that implementing it is precise. Unless considering SEO services with search engine optimization agencies like InfinityHub to enhance your traffic with the best white hat SEO services. Sum up the right solutions with the experts from hosting to website traffic.

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